NDIS Service Agreement

1. Parties

This Service Agreement is made for providing supports under the Participant’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan for the participant named:


The Parties agree that this Service Agreement is made in the context of the NDIS, which is a scheme that aims to support the independence and social and economic participation of people with disability.

Please provide Support Coordinator details:

Responsibilities of Provider

The Provider agrees to:

  • Review the provision of supports at least monthly or when required with the Participant/participant representative.  

  • Consult the Participant/participant representative on decisions about how supports are provided and give the Participant/participant representative information about managing any complaints.

  • Protect the Participant’s privacy and confidential information and ensure to provide supports in a manner consistent with all relevant laws, including the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 and rules, and the Australian Consumer Law.

  • Keep accurate records on the supports provided to the Participant, and issue regular invoices and statements of the supports delivered to the Participant and when the Participant Provider’s staff requests.

Responsibilities of Participant/Participant’s representative:

The Participant/Participant’s representative agrees to:

  • Inform the Provider about how they wish the supports to be delivered to meet the Participant’s needs. The support delivery must be reasonable, manageable, safe and necessary within the timeframe allocated while maintaining respect.

  • Talk to the Provider if the Participant/Participant representative has any concerns about the supports being provided and negotiate reasonable adjustments that suit both parties with respect.

  • Give the Provider the required notice if the Participant needs to end the Service Agreement or Cancel a service and let the Provider know immediately if the Participant’s NDIS plan is suspended or replaced by a new NDIS plan or the Participant stops being a participant in the NDIS.

  • Provide notice immediately if a damage or incident occurs (within 24 hours of the service).

Please enter the details of the person you’d like to give authority to act on your behalf.

Ending this Service Agreement

Should either Party wish to end this Service Agreement they must give two weeks’ notice. If either Party seriously breaches this Service Agreement the requirement of notice will be waived.

Cancellation Policy

A cancellation policy will apply when cancelations occur from the participant within 48 hours of the scheduled and confirmed session. There will be no charges when this notice is given.

Once 24-hour notice has been provided, there will be a charge of 50% of the services.

Once less than 12-hour notice has been provided, there will be a 100% charge.

If the Provider cancels a booking on a confirmed date due to a team member not being able to attend, the provider will communicate with the client to arrange another day/time for the service.

No fees will be charged when the Provider must cancel due to uncontrollable circumstances.

Goods and services tax (GST)

For the purposes of GST legislation, the Parties confirm that: a supply of supports under this Service Agreement is a supply of one or more of the reasonable and necessary supports specified in the statement included, under subsection 33(2) of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 (NDIS Act), in the Participant’s NDIS plan currently in effect under section 37 of the NDIS Act.

Feedback, complaints, and disputes

If the Participant wishes to give the Provider feedback/complaint’s/compliments, the Participant can email us on info@finecare.com.au.   

If the Participant is not satisfied or does not want to talk to this person, the Participant can contact the following representatives:

  • A participant Support coordinator or Local Area Coordinator

  • The National Disability Insurance Agency on 1800 800 110 or The NDIS Commission by calling 1800 035 544, visiting one of their offices in person, or visiting ndis.gov.au for further information.

Advocacy services by visiting the website: https://www.dss.gov.au

6. Payments

The Provider will seek payment for their provision of supports after the Participant/Participant’s representative confirms satisfactory delivery. Select one of the options below to indicate which method of plan management applies to the Participant’s plan:

Schedule of Support

Access Community, Social and Recreational Activities

SupportPrice (Hour)
04_104_0125_6_1_TAccess Community, Social And Rec Activities - Standard - Weekday Daytime - TTP. Must be a TTP provider.
$57.56  $80.58 $86.34
04_103_0125_6_1Access Community, Social And Rec Activities - Standard - Weekday Evening
$59.77 $83.68 $89.66
04_103_0125_6_1_TAccess Community, Social And Rec Activities - Standard - Weekday Evening - TTP
$63.36 $88.70 $95.04
04_104_0125_6_1_TAccess Community, Social And Rec Activities - Standard - Weekday Daytime - TTP
04_103_0125_6_1_TAccess Community, Social And Rec Activities - Standard - Weekday Evening - TTP
04_105_0125_6_1_TAccess Community, Social And Rec Activities - Standard - Saturday - TTP
•Must be a TTP provider.
04_106_0125_6_1_TAccess Community, Social And Rec Activities - Standard - Sunday - TTP
•Must be a TTP provider.
04_102_0125_6_1_TAccess Community, Social And Rec Activities - Standard - Public Holiday - TTP
•Must be a TTP provider.

Provider Travel - Non-Labour Costs using the support item 04_799_0125_6_1
Activity Based Transport - Social, Economic and Community Participation Supports using support item 04_590_0125_6_1.

Support Cordination

01_790_0106_8_3Support Coordination Level 1: Support Connection
01_791_0106_8_3Support Coordination Level 2: Coordination of Supports
01_794_0132_8_3Support Coordination Level 3: Specialist Support Coordination

House Cleaning & Other Household activity


01_020_0120_1_1 House cleaning and other household activities

01_019_0120_1_1House and/or yard maintenance

EEN - Community Nursing


15_400_0114_1_3Delivery of Health Supports by an Enrolled Nurse - Weekday Daytime
15_401_0114_1_3Delivery Of Health Supports by an Enrolled Nurse - Weekday Evening
15_405_0114_1_3Delivery Of Health Supports by an Enrolled Nurse - Weekday Night
15_402_0114_1_3Delivery Of Health Supports by an Enrolled Nurse - Saturday
15_403_0114_1_3Delivery Of Health Supports by an Enrolled Nurse - Sunday
15_404_0114_1_3Delivery Of Health Supports by an Enrolled Nurse - Public Holiday

Plan Management


14_033_0127_8_3 Plan Management And Financial Capacity Building - Set Up Costs

·      A one-off (per plan) fee for setting up the financial management arrangements.


14_034_0127_8_3 Plan Management - Financial Administration - Monthly Fee

·      A monthly fee for the ongoing maintenance of the financial management arrangements.


FineCare can be contacted on:

For accounts: accounts@finecare.com.au

For enquires:  info@finecare.com.au

Website: www.finecare.com.au

Location: 66 pleasure point road, Pleasure Point, NSW 2172

For all other enquires : text and or call 0405 87 87 87

14. Agreement signatures

The parties understand and agree to the terms and conditions of this Service Agreement.

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